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Solar, batteries, EV charging & emergency power supplies and standby generators

Whether you are looking to save money, the planet or both, Fort Energy Ltd can supply and install a wide range of renewable energy products. Solar panels help you to reduce your carbon footprint whilst saving you money on your energy bills, reducing your dependency on the grid. It does not need to be sunny for solar panels to generate power and all solar panel installations are 0% VAT.

Solar PV

We offer both domestic and commercial installations across the north east. We work with a range of hardware providers which means we can supply the best equipment to suit your specific needs. 

Battery Storage

Battery storage helps to meet your energy demands with off-peak electricity from the grid and from excess solar production.

EV Charging

We supply a range of tethered and untethered EV chargers that integrate with SMART tariffs. 


Emergency power supplies are designed to provide within 10 seconds of a power cut and require battery storage. They provide power for essential services such as refrigeration, medical devices etc. 

Standby Generators

There is an extensive range of permanent installation standby generators available that can provide power to your home or business during an outage.



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