About us

We offer an end to end service for small to mid-sized commercial operations with installations of up to 250kW routinely installed and up to 1MW in partnership with our network of subcontractors.
Our service offering includes:
  • Electrical demand surveying
  • Power quality metering and analysis
  • Advanced metering and and billing information assessment
  • System design and performance analysis
  • Implementation
  • Power purchase agreement negotiation
  • Financing via lease purchase and asset finance available via our partners

Standard Domestic:
We have a number of low cost standardised offerings that can help householders achieve rapid reduction in their billing for a modest outlay. We have customers on track to achieve a return on their investment in as little as 2 to 3 years. Fort offer many solutions to help you reduce your grid dependency. Talk to us if you are interested in:
  • Standalone Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS)
  • Batteries added to an existing solar system
  • Specialist in Viridian in roof solar
  • On roof solar
  • Small ground arrays
  • Off-grid living, holiday lets and hideaways
  • Complete power-walls and energy management systems
  • Standby, emergency and uninterruptable power
  • Car charging
  • Solar diverters for maximising self consumption of solar production. Immersion heaters, buffer tanks, hot-tubs and night storage heater control.

Large Domestic:
We offer a complete service to householders with more complex energy needs where reducing cost, grid dependency and carbon footprint are important.
  • Energy demand assessments
  • Extended solar systems
  • Heat pump optimisation and control systems
  • Swimming pool heating
  • Air handling control
  • Air conditioning control and optimisation
  • Battery Energy Storage Solutions

What can we help you with?

If you have any questions about solar panels, battery storage, EV charge points, emergency power systems or standby generation, please drop us a message. For a full quote, please include as much detail as possible including your address and monthly/annual electricity consumption.


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